Project Description

Développement Nauticol Québec ltée and Entreprise IFFCO Canada ltée are proud to announce the creation of ProjetBécancour.ag Limited Partnership for the development of a project to construct a urea and methanol production plant at Bécancour, Centre-du-Québec region. This project could create up to 200 direct jobs once the plant begins production. The plant will have a significant impact on the economy of the region, and that of Québec.

Production of Urea for Farmers

The project's urea production will target to meet the needs of farmers firstly in Québec and then elsewhere in North America. Urea is an essential fertilizer in agriculture. All crops require energy, carbon dioxide, water, and minerals. The three main nutrients are nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and potassium (K). Although these elements are naturally found in the soil, the amounts are depleted through extraction by the plants. To compensate for the needs of cultivated plants, these nutrients must be replenished with mineral fertilizers.

Demand for nitrogen fertilizer is growing around the world at a rate of 3-4% per year, and this growth will continue in the coming years. Nitrogen is the most common fertilizer, and the most widely used among the three types (N, P, and K). Currently, there is no nitrogen fertilizer plant in the province of Québec. This project will provide an alternative to current imports of urea by ship from Eastern Europe, the US Gulf Coast, and the Middle East

Methanol, a Multipurpose Product

Methanol is a multipurpose product: as a base chemical material, a solvent, and an energy source. It is one of the most frequently used products since the 1800s. Methanol is one of the building blocks of countless everyday products, including shoes, polyester, and plywood, to name a few. The most widespread use in petrochemicals is to convert methanol into formaldehyde, which is then converted into resins, glues, and some plastics.

Methanol is also used as a solvent or additive in products such as antifreeze or windshield washer fluid. Additionally, methanol is required to produce biodiesel (a renewable fuel based on vegetable oils or animal fats). During the last decade, the growing demand for methanol was related to its use as a source of clean energy, whether used directly as liquid fuel, mixed with other fuels (e.g. gasoline) or used in fuel cells. About 45% of the world's methanol is used for energy. It is used as fuel for various vehicles (e.g. cars and ships), heating or cooking. When used to power a combustion engine, methanol delivers superior performance, reduced emissions and less harmful environmental and health impacts compared to gasoline.

More details on the project will be provided once the environmental impact assessment has been completed.



On December 1, 2017, ProjetBécancour.ag submitted a notice of a project to the Ministère du Développement durable, de l’Environnement et de la Lutte contre les changements climatiques. Over the next few weeks, the ProjetBécancour.ag team will be on site to initiate an environmental impact assessment.


About us

ProjetBécancour.ag limited partnership was founded by Développement Nauticol Québec ltée and Entreprise IFFCO Canada ltée, composed of La Coop fédérée, Investissement Québec and Kisan International Trading FZE to carry out the construction of a urea and methanol plant.

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